About Us

Company Profile

Polynova Industries is recognized throughout the world as innovator and world-class producer of synthetic leather. Over the years, we have become synomyous to quality, prompt delivery and competitive prices.

Polynova is one of the leading manufacturers of PU/PVC coated fabrics & synthetic rubber coated products with plants spread over India. The company has started its operation in the year 1988 with an installed capacity to manufacture Coated Fabrics of 6 Million Mtrs., per annum. Over the decades we have enhanced the capacity to 30 Million Mtrs per annum.

Polynova takes pride in being a leading supplier to almost the entire Automotive Industry in India. Almost 60% of the production is exported worldwide to countries such as UK, France, Germany and USA.

For the Customers

Polynova aims to be a long-term partner by providing the greatest value in terms of product quality, reliability of supply and level of service.

For the Employees

Polynova provides a motivating environment in which it is possible for all employees to realise their potential, earn their living and benefit from secure employment.

For the shareholders

Polynova is and remains fully transparent towards its shareholders, while constantly improving competitiveness and profitability.

For the society

Polynova acts as a responsible partner prioritising safety and environmental responsibility at all stages of production and marketing.