Research & Development Lab.

Polynova has installed one of the most advanced R&D and testing facilities worldwide. We continuously upgrade our equipments based on customer demand and product requirements. We are able to test almost every requirement of synthetic leather in-house at our facilities.

Laboratory Coating machines

  • Werner Mathis

Flex Meters

  • Bally Flex

  • Dematia Flex

Abrasion Testers

  • Taber
  • Martindale

  • Wyzenbeek

Light Fastness Testers

  • Xenon Arc
  • Carbon Arc
  • Mercury Lamp


  • Brookfield

Universal Testing Machines

  • Tensile
  • Burst
  • Elongation

  • Stretch


  • Crock Meter for checking print Adhesion
  • Gloss Meters
  • High Frequency Welding Machine
  • Flame Retardant Testing Facilities
  • Cold Chamber up to -80°C
  • Cold Impact Tester
  • Fogging Testing Equipment
  • Dynamic Seam Fatigue Tester